#EdelEats2016: Aling Banang’s || San Juan, Manila

What happens when hunger strikes and I’m not in the mood to study yet? The internet falls prey to my perusal and voila! I discover affordable food with a delivery service and halo-halo for dessert.

It might be due to stress that I have this sudden want to find new things (because really that’s the only way I get to relax at this time when 16 hours of 24 is spent trying not be distracted from study) but the bottomline is: My hunger was satisfied.

Hello Aling Banang’s!


Here are the things we ordered:

Tokwa’t Baboy: You should specify if you want rice with this because the dish listed on the menu doesn’t have one. I’m used to ordering tokwa’t baboy with bits of pork, almost giniling-like and nearly a handful, but this came as a nice surprise because it’s equal parts of the two, well-sized at about an inch by a half apiece and with good serving size. My friend said: “Pwede pa half for bukas!” haha.

Tapsilog: Classic. The tapa is tasteful, and they got my egg done right – crispy on the outside, malasado on the inside. 😀 Rice is fried, less oily than most but a bit loose and chewy. It can be improved.

Crispy Pork Binagoongan: “Sauce pa lang, ulam na,” my friend had said of it. He proved his being a kanin person with this one too. Sadly, my allergies kept me from tasting this one but others who had attested to its goodness. They even mixed it with hot rice and chili sauce and that’s a subject of envy from me, a recent chili addict. Note to self: Must have anti-histamine next time!

Special Halo-Halo: shaved ice, purple yam, camote, saba (banana), red monggo beans, sweet kidney beans, red and green gelatin, leche flan and corn topped with a generous serving of ube ice cream. The sweetness, provided by the ingredients and depending less on the sugar, is okay. I have to admit I’m missing something from it, I have yet to know what. Still, it’s one of the better ones we’ve had. 😀

I have yet to visit the physical store at N. Domingo and I’m saving that for when I also try their famous pancit. But if I’m to learn from this lot, it’s going to be served generously and be just as tasteful.

Here’s a screenshot of their location. Check them out if you’re in the area.

aling banang


And here’s a copy of their menu from Zomato:

aling banang menu

Note: Don’t use the mobile numbers, I don’t think they work. Call the landline numbers instead for a fast and sure transaction. 😀

Rating: 7/10

Happy eating everyone! 😀


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