#JWI: Twelve

good morning from Tagaytay! it’s been a while since i posted because i’ve been constantly travelling from Dasma to Tagaytay to Manila to Batangas and everywhere in between for clearance and review and because i’ve given up my dorm of four years and thus lack a fast and constant connection. it sucks but at least i get less distracted.

i went jogging this morning, savoring the cold and trying to mind less of the people i meet during the run. i still have a fear of people sometimes, or at least a fear of being watched. nakaka-conscious. but i’m doing the run for myself anyway and if i look awkward or run differently, that’s my choice and you get to stay quiet. haha.

towards the end of my morning jog i called Inay, as she was with ate Baby. they’ve arrived from Bohol yesterday night but i was already asleep and couldn’t reply until the morning. she’ll be fetched today for home and i’ll get to see all of them next month.

i’ve begun the self study, using Topnotch’s study schedule as guide. it came as a good surprise that they have this kind of support system even for their students who chose to take the Essentials (shortened course) program. our class will start in July and yet since May 4 they have advised us on the subjects to read on and how long a time to spend on them. hopefully i get to have a full-on, no distractions reading after the clearance signing this Monday. waiting for this to be done has put a lot of delay on my personal schedule. it’s a big help that my sister allowed me to live in her condo for the meantime so i wouldnt have to travel from Batangas to Dasma every now and then. my travel time is considerably shortened and the what’s saved of it i could use for studying.

i might post here more often because i opted to lessen talking time (you know, in an effort to study more) or because i’m getting swamped with study material and wanted some relief. then again, i might not post because internet’s crappy and waiting for the page to load could have been spent for more important things i.e. reading (or sleeping) instead. we’ll see.

people in my life have been going on with theirs, all healthy and more or less happy. i hope they continue to be so. 🙂

Mood: hungry
Listening to: 90.7 Love Radio (was waiting for Tambalan of Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper but forgot it was Saturday and so could only listen to them separately). Nevertheless, i like this station. 🙂