#JWI: Eleven

(late post coz i fell asleep. -.-‘)

i hope today went well for you. it’s quite hot and i know that Manila traffic was just as before and it just makes you want to get a place closer to the review center. be careful when you drive, and i hope your patience stretches a little more. my day went well too, though it involved going back and forth to Manila and Dasma for “adult stuff”. the great thing is that after all the day i had, the reward came in the form of a reprieve from makeup duty. yehey! now i’m at the callroom with Macmac and Em and resisting sleep because i wanted to write this. i remembered you kasi, and though you won’t know about this, it makes me feel good that i can write what i won’t tell you for now. you are what scares and thrills me. i’ll see you soon.

Mood: restless but sleepy

NP: Diwata – Abra || Kapag nariyan ka bumabagal ang ikot ng mundo. Hindi kita dapat ginugusto pero ako’y nabihag mo~


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